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Merger and developer of premium products with international hotel brands

VCI is a developer and developer of premium products, responsible for the arrival of the Hard Rock hotel chain in Brazil. A pioneer in the development of the high-end multi-property model and leader in this market, it appears in the list of the Top 3 most innovative companies in the real estate sector in the GRI Awards.

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Understand the multi-property system and real estate fraction

Buy your vacation property but pay only for what you will use

The real estate fractions arrived in Brazil through the business model already established in Europe and the United States. This new multi-property system, regulated by Multi-Property Law 13,777 / 18, allows you to purchase your unit in one of our hotels to enjoy your vacation, paying much less and with the advantage of owning your own property.

You can sell your property
It will be an inheritance for your children
Rent your property through the hotel system *
Your accommodation in more than 4 thousand destinations worldwide
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Viemos conhecer o empreendimento do Hard Rock que compramos em 2019 e achamos incrível. Aproveitamos para adquirir uma nova cota, pois gostamos bastante.

Jéssica e Daniel

Estou aderindo ao novo empreendimento no Hard Rock Hotel de Lagoinha com o objetivo de desfrutar de momentos únicos com a minha família e maravilhos em relação à natureza, com vistas incríveis.

Maiara e Regina

Recebi o convite para conhecer o Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Fortaleza. Vim aqui, conheci e resolvi comprar. A minha expectativa é que irá gerar muitos empregos e irá valorizar muito a região.

Gumercindo e Regina


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