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Evolution of constructions

Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Fortaleza

Praia de Lagoinha - Ceará

A new video for you!

Follow here everything that happened in the works of your new vacation property. Watch the video, scroll down and follow the posts, we have lots of news to show you!

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Woodstock Lawn

Remember the irrigation pipes we show you here? There is the reason.

The planting of the lawn of one of the most desired areas of the Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Fortaleza has started and it will be in this space that you will attend great shows and presentations.

Which artist would you like to see here?

Construction of Town Houses

It is here, the location of the Town Houses, the newest product of the Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Fortaleza! The image marks the beginning of its construction, with tractors moving the earth for earthmoving work and land preparation.

Planting in a central bed

These images are from the same construction site that we showed its construction a few posts ago and which is now receiving the landscaping work, with the planting of grass and carnauba trees.

Concrete slab on the 7th floor of block D

Another floor being finished with its concreting!

The most desired brand

See the first point of the project to receive a large panel with the brand you want!

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Lifting slabs

The lifting of slabs and beams is constant for the evolution of the works of the Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Fortaleza.

Seedling planting

The landscaping project keeps moving forward and here we see another point in the enterprise receiving the planting of seedlings.

Finishing for window frames

The preparation for installing the frames in the houses has already started and the team responsible for this work finalizes the last details before placing the pieces.

Abutment splice assembly on D block

One before and after, while the team prepares the splicing of the pillar and then, when they receive the structure by the crane for its fitting.

Topographic survey

Here is a little bit of topographic survey work on the development site. The teams work in constant check of the project with the evolution of the works.

Concreting on retaining wall

This is the rear of the main building and the engineering work involves the construction of a retaining wall. In the images, the workers start concreting the space.

Woodstock irrigation pipes

Part of the execution of the concert space involves the installation of water irrigation tubes for the earthmoving and landscaping project.

In the next posts, you will see images of the result of this work.

Finishing the facade of the main building

After installing all the scaffolding, the finishing step was started on the facades of the main building of the Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Fortaleza.

This photo marks the beginning of the work, which started with block B.

Electrical installation

Some houses are in the stage of installing their electrical structures and in this one, the team works on its slab, before starting the concreting.

Concreting of the 6th floor slab of block D

The works have evolved to another floor and another floor is ready!

Construction of a central construction site

The Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Fortaleza has a wide area and all its areas are distributed throughout the complex and, therefore, it is essential that the traffic works perfectly. At this point, you see the construction of the central construction site of one of the roads and the team finishing their stretch.

The video of the month is here

Watch and follow the latest developments in the construction of your new vacation property!

Before and after - Carnaúba do paisagismo

The same area right after the carnauba planting and then, with the lawn already planted.

Internal waterjetting in the main building

For the application of finishes, the entire internal area of the building receives a layer of concrete for laying on its walls.

Concreting of the 5th floor slab of block D

Another floor of Block D had its slab concreted and finished!

More paved streets

And follow the paving work on the internal roads of the project!

Planting of carnauba and lawn

With the completion of the planting of the carnaubas in several areas of the project, we received a load of grass, which will be placed in several flowerbeds and spaces on the land. The images show the arrival of the shipment, the planting of the carnaubas and the earthmoving work for the placement of the grass mats, which began.

Finishing of houses

The work stage of finishing the houses involves a lot of complexity, because each house has its own design and its details are designed exclusively for each one. The images show different houses, with their due executions.

Scaffolding on the facade of Two Bedroom buildings

The buildings begin to be surrounded by facade scaffolding so that the finishing stage can begin. This is the new phase that begins for the Two Bedroom apartment blocks

Landscaping carnaubas

The project's landscape design includes some carnauba trees at its main entrance and the photo highlights this moment, the beginning of its planting.

Block D Slabs

The assembly of the structure of Block D continues at an accelerated pace and the movement of the crane that supports the beams and columns does not stop!

Facade scaffolding in the main building

The entire facade of the main building was surrounded by scaffolding for the beginning of the installation and finishing phase. Soon, the structure that was just a concrete skeleton will be covered and with the face that we all hope to see!

Woodstock Amphitheater

One of the most anticipated and expected spaces for everyone is the area of concerts and musical attractions and its construction has started! The photo shows the earthmoving work in space.

Concrete slab on the 4th floor of block D

While the construction of the building is going up its floors, another team is working on concreting the slabs.

Watch what happened this month

Watch the construction details of the Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Fortaleza in the video.


This is one of the internal streets of the project that started to be paved. We call this place the Caminho do Cliente, one of the paths you can take at the Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Fortaleza during your visit.

In fact, did you schedule yours to see up close everything we showed here? Then enjoy and schedule your date with our Relationship Center, at 4000-1215 or (27) 4000-1215 .

Evolution of the construction of block D

The number of pillars and floors keeps increasing and in this before and after, you can follow its evolution.

Entrance and concierge works

The entrance is another area of the project that goes through the process of installing finishes, with the painting of its roof and the planting of grass in its open area.

Painting of houses

A few posts ago, we saw the process of finishing the houses being started and here is the result in one of them, the execution of his painting.

Lashing irons on retaining wall

This is the beginning of the construction of Block D and the photos show one of the most important steps in the process, the composition of its base. Soon, the entire structure will be ready and this will be a tiny part in relation to the size of the project.

Construction materials

The complexity of the project's construction requires many materials and suppliers involved in its work. In the photo, we see the receipt of a load of prefabricated structures for the construction of Block D.

Landscaping of houses

The area of houses has already started its landscaping work, with the placement of the lawn in its external area, in addition to the care with the planting of trees as well.

Construction started

The first columns are already standing and this stage promises to be very fast. In a short time, the entire structure will be ready!

Watch and follow!

Find out what's happening in the construction of your vacation property and don't miss any details. Also be sure to see the past blog posts here!

The arrival of the crane

Perhaps the image does not accurately reflect the size of this machine. Built to withstand heavy and tall structures, this crane will start construction work on the last annex of the main block of the Hard Rock Hotel Fortaleza.

The drainage work does not stop!

Without a doubt, this is the longest and most complex item in the entire construction, not only due to the size of its land, but because of its structure. The drainage works continue to progress and now, at the top of the terrain, they are advancing to one of their last phases.

Crane accesses

To receive the crane that will assist in the construction of Annex D, some paths had to be compacted. The work will have immense equipment that will lift the structures of the building and therefore, the soil needed to be prepared for its arrival.

More facades being worked

In one of the past posts, we showed the beginning of the finalization process for the installation of the finishes of the houses.

Here, the team advances one more phase and completes one of the steps for installing the finishes.

Ready foundations

In one of the most intense stages of the construction of the Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Fortaleza, the shoes were finished and soon, work will begin for Annex D to be erected.

The video of the month of July

See what happened at the construction site of your vacation property this past month.

Finishing of houses

One step that has started is the process of applying the finishes of the houses.

The photos show the beginning of this work, with the workers preparing to place the finishing materials.

Concreting of the grates

After installing the grids for each shoe, shapes are assembled around it to receive the concreting.

Many cubic meters of concrete are used in each shoe and the traffic of trucks carrying this material is intense during the entire operation of the work.

Soil compaction

The process of building a work of this size is quite complex, as the engineering team deals with deep excavations and large earth movements.

In these photos we see an example of this, one before and after the work done. What the image fails to convey is that this is only part of the development's land, which has approximately 178,000 m².

Rear shoes

All the front shoes that we showed earlier have already been completed and now the work goes to the 2nd stage of shoe construction, at the rear. In the background, you can already see the first one being built.

Before and after

These images are from the drainage works, in the stage prior to the current one, when the works in front of the project were completed and the shackles started to rise to the rear of the land.

Here, it is possible to understand the whole process carried out in laying the shackles, which starts with the excavation to open the path. Then, the construction of the concrete cradle comes in, which accommodates the shackles and drain boxes. And finally, the row is already settled and starting the land compaction process.

Almost armed shoes

An area that was a deep excavation is almost taken over by the shoe structure. Soon they will be in the back too.

Advance in one more step

Now, the construction works for the concrete cradles and the placement of drain shackles have arrived on the other side of the land and are advancing to the rear of the project.

Advance in one more step

Now, the construction works for the concrete cradles and the placement of drain shackles have arrived on the other side of the land and are advancing to the rear of the project.

Production of shoe shapes

As soon as the excavations for the construction of Block D are finished and all water is removed, construction of the building's shoes will begin.

In the photo below, you can see the internal workshop that we have in the enterprise and that at this moment, the team produces the shapes for the shoes.

The video of the month for you to watch!

Follow here everything that happened in the construction of your new holiday home this past month.

Excavations of block D

Excavations reach even very deep levels. Compared to the previous photos, here the space is already much wider and in the next post we do here, it will be totally different.

In this image, we see water pumps working to remove the water accumulated in the process of lowering the water table.

Hotel structure analysis

Here, the hotel structure is analyzed and tested. Safety first, always!

Manufacturing of foundation shoes

These parts are fundamental for the support of the construction and they are produced at the site of our work.

Soon they will be executed in the space that has been excavated.

Protective wall

The entire work is surrounded with a concrete wall or siding, to prevent people and onlookers from entering the site, after all, the construction site is a place that requires care and safety.

Start of excavations of block D

The last stage of heavy construction began and is with the construction of the annex building. The images show the beginning of the excavation process, to reach the necessary depth for the building's foundations.

Concrete cradles

The size of this work can be dimensioned by the amount of ducts and shackles spread over the development site.

In this stage, they arrived in front of the land, to build the concrete cradles that support the shackles.

Execution of drain boxes

After installing the shackles, now it's time for the drain boxes to be built.

The drain boxes serve as a passage and connect one section of shackles to the others.

While in the 1st photo, the ducts are exposed and the drainage boxes are being built, in the 2nd photo, the shackles are already grounded and the boxes go through the last stage of execution.

Watch the video for February

If you recently visited the location of your new holiday home, chances are you have seen some of these new features. But as the project is huge and there is a lot going on in it, here you can get an aerial view of everything that was done in the last month at the Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Fortaleza.

In addition to the posts that we are presenting every detail of what is being done on site, monthly you will have the video of Evolution of Works to watch here. So be sure to follow us and stay on top of everything that happens in Lagoinha.

Did you know? About the shackles...

Our work is so big and requires so many materials, that to facilitate the processes, we set up a shackle factory inside our construction site.

Laying the drain shackles

Here we show the shackles for draining the water already installed!

In the first moment, the opening of the passage for the installation of the shackles and in the second photo, the long duct of the shackles finished.

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