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Evolution of constructions

Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Ilha do Sol

Ilha do Sol - Paraná


And with it, the installation of the lining of your slab and very soon, all this space will be completely concreted!


Before the general concreting of the pool, all its hardware was assembled for its structure.


The pool bar area was excavated to receive the pool piping. In the photos, the team works on earth moving for the installation of equipment.


This is the pipe in charge of the pool's sound system.

Music while you have fun and relax? Yes we have!


After the electrical work took place, the stage of installing plaster and finishing the balcony linings began.

Veja um pouco mais aqui

Assista ao vídeo que produzimos exclusivamente para você e que apresentamos mais realizações que estão acontecendo nas obras sua nova propriedade de férias!

Antes e depois – Construção de muro

Esta será uma das primeiras áreas que você terá contato quando vir nos visitar. Aqui estará o estacionamento da sua nova propriedade de férias. Os trabalhos para a construção da área já começaram!

Alvenaria da piscina

Antes da concretagem geral da piscina, a equipe executa a obra de alvenaria interna da sua estrutura. É este trabalho que construirá os detalhes mais atraentes da piscina, como divisões, níveis e toda a sua arquitetura.

Plantio de gramado

Aqui nós vemos a equipe de paisagismo preparando o solo de uma área do empreendimento para o plantio de grama, que chegou em grande quantidade em um carregamento.

Acabamento interno do prédio principal

A estrutura interna do prédio principal teve o início dos trabalhos de paisagismo, como vemos nas fotos a equipe manuseando o recorte do concreto e cuidando da drenagem do solo com a aplicação de brita.

Pintura iniciada

Algumas áreas já começaram o trabalho de acabamento e tem a etapa de pintura em andamento. Se em alguns posts atrás nós mostramos testes de cores acontecendo, aqui está o resultado deles.

Drenagem para águas pluviais

As obras de drenagem do empreendimento executam a construção dos dutos de água Pluviais. Elas acontecem por todo o empreendimento e nas fotos, nós podemos ver os trabalhos no entorno da fachada prédio principal e na área dos bangalôs.

Instalações elétricas nas sacadas

Algumas sacadas do prédio principal passam pela etapa de instalação de dutos e equipamentos elétricos antes de iniciarem a aplicação de gesso, como já mostramos em alguns posts atrás.

Obras no bar da piscina

O trabalho de mais uma área foi inaugurado e agora as equipes executam a obra no bar da piscina.

Follow the evolution in the video

In addition to images of the steps being taken, our videos will now also show the percentage of the stages completed. In this way, you can closely monitor the progress of the work.

Watch the first video and see everything that is happening in the works of the Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Ilha do Sol.

Land survey

The engineering team is spread throughout the enterprise, on the island and on the continent, carrying out the work of drilling the soil.

Signature restaurant painting

And the same restaurant that we showed its construction in a few posts ago, has now entered the painting phase. We will not reveal now what the final color will be, but the team has already finished applying the background paint.

Pool landscaping

Two different moments! The arrival of grass for the landscaping project around the pool and in the second moment, the same grass already planted.

Construction of the parking lot

When you arrive at the Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Ilha do Sol, this is where you will leave your car. The works for the construction of the parking lot of the enterprise have started and the process of earthmoving, paving and cleaning of the land has already started to happen.

Facade painting

If in a few posts ago we saw the color test for the facade painting, it finally started with the assembly of the scaffolding for the team that will work in this phase.

Concreting of the pool

After the installation of the bottom beams of the pool structure, the perforations were made and entered the drying and curing process.

Paving of roads

The paving work is well advanced in the work schedule and in the images, we see this step happening in 2 different places. In the construction of a new road and the repair of another, which received adaptations to carry out electrical work.

One more video for you!

Everything that happened in the works of your new vacation property you can follow here. Watch the video and follow our posts.

And if you want to see all this up close, you are very welcome! Schedule your visit, call 4000-1215 and have an incredible experience with us.

Kiosk area deck

The beginning of the assembly of the kiosk structure, which you saw in a few posts back here on the blog, had the placement of the deck floor finished and the whole area started to be sanded. The next step is to finish the space with varnishes and paints.

Electrical Pipes

The entire enterprise is going through the stage of installing its electrical network. At the current stage, the team works on placing pipes, conduits and plugs.

Material receipt

And more materials are arriving at the project's stock, such as cement and sand loads.

Color testing for the facade

Here is an exclusive image, the preparation of the color test of the facade coatings of the Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Ilha do Sol. Which will be chosen?

Facade retrofit

The team that received the security training, which we showed in a post ago, now works on finishing the facades.

Works at Rock Spa®

Another area that had its work started was the Rock Spa®, one of the most desired exclusives of the Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Ilha do Sol.

Drainage network

Due to the complexity of the project, the drainage network of the Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Ilha do Sol is being built with a high level of detail in its structure.

Advance of grass planting

As more grass carpets arrive at the project for landscaping work, another part of the team moves forward in preparing the land.

Concrete pool

An aerial photo of the concreting work being carried out in the pool of the Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Ilha do Sol.

Survey work

For the execution of the project, the topography service is essential to georeferencing the points of the land for the work of the engineering and architecture teams. In this photo, the technicians analyze the surroundings of the pool.

Concreting the pool

After the placement of the beams that structured the pool, the concreting stage was started. All this space will have injected concrete in the areas that received the beams and hardware.

Safety training

After the facade receives all the scaffolding, the team that will work to finish the area, received safety training and good practices. Everything so that workers' safety is up to date and that they are trained.

Preparation of beams for swimming pool

The beams are being tied and prepared to be placed in the pool, the next step will be concreting.

Watch and follow!

See a little more about the latest developments in the construction of your new vacation property! Watch the video and follow the posts below.

Painting of the events area

After the work of concreting and reshaping the subfloor of the space, the painting structure of the roof structure began, as shown in the image.

Receipt of materials

The volume of material delivery at the construction site is high. Going through basic materials, such as cement and grass, even more sophisticated materials, such as wood and stones for finishing.

Signaling of areas

With the start of the new visitation season for the owners of the Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Ilha do Sol, the entire development received signage in its areas. Everything to facilitate the location of the spaces and for the visitors to have a greater experience when knowing every detail of their vacation property.

Grass planting

Several areas were planted with grass for the project's landscaping project. The photos show the area of the hotel's facade and the pools.

Finishing the roofs of chalets and bungalows

Starting the finishing work on the chalets and bungalows, the entire roof structure underwent a repair and cleaning stage.

Assembly of the kiosk structure

The area next to the dam will have a kiosk, whose construction of the area is already underway and the assembly of its structure has also started.

Lawn of the landscaping project

After the demarcation of the areas that will receive the planting of grass, a load of carpets was received in the project for the beginning of its plantation.

Protection screen on the facade

For the beginning of the finishing work on the facade of the main building, the entire environment was screened for the protection of materials.

Watch another video

See here the latest developments in the construction of your new vacation property.

Watch the video and drag it down, don't miss the posts with other details.

Ink test

Here is a bit of the colors you will find at the Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Ilha do Sol. In a paint test we took this photo. What is your favorite?

Concreting the pool

The aerial photo shows the final work done in the resort's pool, which had its foundation prepared with blocks, hardware and shoes in its structure. This is the stage that precedes the concreting of all space for the application of the finish.

Events area

One of the most anticipated things for everyone at the Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Ilha do Sol is the musical program of shows and events. And here, you see the team that is working to make the space ready for unforgettable moments of fun!

Internal security

This photo shows the work of the security team of the enterprise, reinforcing the facilities with the necessary equipment. The work arrived at a stage that will receive many workers for the internal area of the main building and the care needs to be reinforced.

Façade landscaping

Another area that had its landscaping project started was the area of the hotel's facade. The entire area was demarcated and the soil prepared to receive the plantations and lawn.

Plaster on balconies

The facades retrofit process reached the stage of placing the plaster lining on the balconies. Every facade will undergo this work, which precedes the painting and the installation of the final accessories of the units.

Pool landscaping

Another novelty in the works is the beginning of the landscaping work in the region of the pools. In this photo, you can see the demarcation of the children's pool, with the land already prepared for planting the grass of the landscape project.

Main facade

A good part of the scaffolding received has already been assembled in the entrance area of the main façade and started the construction of one of the most impactful places in the entire Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Ilha do Sol.

More scaffolding arrives

The project's construction structure requires a lot of scaffolding, mainly for the facade, which is extensive. Therefore, hundreds of parts were received by the local engineering team for the development of the works.

Restaurant construction

The progress of the works has now arrived in one of the most anticipated spaces! This is the location of the future main restaurant, which will receive many visitors to the Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Ilha do Sol.

Finishing the decorated

Soon, the Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Ilha do Sol will have the launch of its fourth model. We can't reveal all the details yet, but we'll show you a little bit of what you'll be able to find here soon.

The photos show the installation of the protection covering the floor and the beginning of furniture assembly.

Retrofit continuation

The façade continues in another stage of the retrofit process. After the adaptations, the work team now performs the structure adjustments for the beginning of the finishing phase.

Pool Hardware

There is a construction site inside the work only for the assembly of the hardware materials for the pool piles. A team of locksmiths and blacksmiths assemble the entire structure for the foundation of the pool.

Watch another video

See here the latest developments in the construction of your new vacation property.

Watch the video and drag it down, don't miss the posts with other details.

Pool foundation

After all the demarcation and clipping of the stretches of the swimming pool foundation of the Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Ilha do Sol, the assembly of the templates for leasing the foundation piles began.

This is the result of what we have followed here in some posts and which due to architectural sophistication, deserves many points of detail.

Electric passage

The electrical structure of the project is complex, due to the size of the land and the buildings spread over it.

The first photo shows the blocks that arrived at the work and that was shown in a past post. The second photo, on the other hand, shows a little of the excavation of ditches for the passage of underground electrical pipes.

Accessibility works

The accessibility of the project is something very important and the works of this item are in continuous evolution. Here, the team works on applying finishing putty and lining the landscaping around the ramp.

Block receipt

The arrival of materials in the work is constant, on this day the project received a load of blocks, which will be used in the works of the pool and construction sites.

In the next stage of the work on the pools, all this material will be installed.

Planting grass in the flower bed

In a few posts ago, we showed the seedling bed starting the landscaping work of the Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Ilha do Sol and these images show a little of the result of this work.

Here, we see the landscaping team starting the planting of grass in the construction sites. This is one of the most demanding stages for the team, because in addition to the large terrain, the lawn is a fundamental part of the project and requires manual work from each gardener.

Start of finishing placement

Some apartments have entered the stage of applying the finishes. In this unit, the team works with putty on the walls and placement of floors and coverings.

Another video of the evolution of the works

Find out what happened in the last month in the works of your vacation property.

Watch the video!

Concreting of the retrofit

As soon as the plaster and guardrail of the façades were removed, forms of adequacy for the architectural project of the facade of the enterprise were built and then were put into practice.

This stage concludes the 1st phase of the main building retrofit project.

Swimming pool preparation

After the demarcation of the areas, the excavators began the heavy work of removing the underfloor and earth to expand the pool area.

In addition, the area is being drilled for drilling and soil analysis.

Landscaping design

One of the most charming and beautiful things about your vacation property will be the landscape design and it has already started here.

In the first photo, you see the seedling bed starting the planting work for the species that will compose the Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Ilha do Sol.

And in the second photo, as a sustainable and ecological enterprise, all the plants and trees on our land are relocated with the necessary care. Like these palm trees, which will be moved to another space, with planning and advance, so that their roots have time to grow until our inauguration and adapt to the new habitat.

Expansion of swimming pool works

You have seen here the remodeling step of the pool, with repairs to plumbing and pipes and the removal of the guardrails.

Now, the work is advancing on the site of the enterprise to begin the work of expanding the pools. First with the demarcation of areas and then with the excavation of space.

Retrofit works

One of the first steps in retrofitting façades is removing the plaster.

And if before we showed the assembly of the scaffolding, now in the photo below, you can see the work being done on one of the building blocks.

Reuse of guardrails

Do you remember the post that showed the removal of the guardrail from the internal area of the building and that we said that they would be reused in another space?

Well then, now they are used provisionally to prevent animals from entering the water tank and the cistern area.

As a sustainable work, we avoid as much as possible the disposal of materials that can still be reused, even if provisionally.

Facade retrofit scaffolding

After the first changes to the facade, which we showed in one of the previous posts, the process of assembling the scaffolding for the retrofit was started.

Interior area counter

The guardrails were removed and with the electrical adjustments made, it was time for the subfloor. It won't be long before the interior finishes start to be installed.

Guardrail removal from pool areas

The works on the pools are continuing to advance, now in another area of the land, all the current guardrails have been removed so that the works can proceed. In the next post, we'll show you why.

The March video is live!

Don't miss anything and besides the photos in the posts, see here the video of the evolution of the works of your new holiday home in the last month.

Facade retrofit

The images show the beginning of the work to adapt the facade to the retrofit process. This was the first facade worked.

Receiving the first finishes

This was a very special day, as it marks the arrival of the first delivery of the finishing pieces for your new holiday home.

Soon, this space will be small for so many floors and coverings that we will receive here!

Pool area

The pool structure started to be remodeled. Starting with the pipes and plumbing, so that everything is perfect and the finishing can be started.

Retrofit start

The most anticipated stage began and the process was initiated by removing the guardrails from inside the building.

And as a sustainable work, this guardrail will be temporarily reused in another part of the work that you will know more about soon.


The construction and repair of the access and circulation areas of the Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Ilha do Sol do not stop and this time, the images show the construction of the sidewalks to the main building.

Sustainable work

One of Hard Rock's mottos is Save the Planet and that same motto is followed the rule in the construction of our enterprise. In the picture, we see technicians from the company responsible for generating energy, the day we received them for a technical visit.

The construction of the model apartment has started!

These are the first images of the work that will house the model apartment and will be open to everyone. The same apartment, with all the details, for you to see up close before your new holiday home opens!

Recovery of the access road

Some access roads of the project are being adapted for the final finishing.

In the images below, we show the before and after a section of the road that had an electrical conduit installed. Soon, the lighting system for that area will be finalized.

And the February video came out!

Have you been unable to schedule a visit to your new vacation home? And you who were there, managed to pay attention to all the details of the work?

Don't worry! So that you do not miss out on everything that happens in the works of the Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Ilha do Sol, every month we will post here an exclusive video showing the evolution of the works of the enterprise for you to follow.

Play and start the countdown! Soon you will be enjoying all the comfort of your new vacation home.

Pruning and gardening service

It is not because the project has not yet opened that it does not need maintenance. We keep the green area of your new holiday home always well maintained.

Here we see the garden maintenance work to keep the lawns trimmed.

Painting and finishing

The finishing stage of some areas of the project has begun.

Below, we show the before and after of an environment of the Bungalows. Plastering work, laying the floors and painting.

Is this bungalow yours?

Construction and preparation of accesses

As your new vacation home is large, so you need access to be easy for you to stroll through the entire development.

At this stage, the local construction team has completed the masonry work for the accesses. In the photo below, you can see the completion of one of the stairs at the Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Ilha do Sol.

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