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Buy your vacation property but pay only for what you will use

The real estate fractions arrived in Brazil through the business model already established in Europe and in the United States. This new multi-property system, regulated by Multi-Property Law 13,777 / 18, allows you to purchase your unit in one of our hotels to enjoy your vacation, paying much less and with the advantage of being owner of his own property. For just a fraction of the total price, you will enjoy all the benefits of owning your own vacation home, with deed and real estate registration in one of the best hotels in the world.


We operate in a multisectoral way: we seek opportunities where we have differentiated knowledge due to our activities, experience and networking. This competitive differential, which is part of the structure of all our businesses, makes us successful in our projects.

Ensuring the best experience for our customers by offering innovative products in the real estate market.

  • Temporal
  • Space

Multi-owner rights

1. Use and enjoy, during the period corresponding to your fraction of time, the property and its facilities and furniture;
2. Give up the fraction of time on lease or lending;
3. Place the fraction in the POOL Hotelier;
4. Exchange the fraction for other rates at 4,300 hotels.

The multi-property market

- Business model used in Brazil for over 40 years
- Some projects are already in the third generation of multi-owner
- Favorable market environment, as the number of people who do tourism has doubled in the last 20 years

Shared economy

To better understand the advantages of multiproperty, it is important to understand the shared economy market. Every shared economy gives you easy access to the use of goods that you would not normally have, if you needed invest in that product alone.

We have as an example:

- Urban mobility apps
- Coworking
- Distance learning
- Streaming video and music

And many others that are part of our daily lives.

Related Questions

First, it is necessary to understand that when we talk about real estate, the subject is divided into two different concepts: fraction and time sharing. So, do you know what it means to have a shared property?

This is the process in which a certain group of people shares the right to use the same property alternately. The usage time for each buyer is defined according to the fraction of their participation in the purchase. You will better understand how this works in the course of the content.


In the fraction model, the customer is the owner of the property, that is, he has the right to the title of the asset, in addition to all the inherent rights of the property, and may even sell it and profit from its valuation. In practice, the members of a fraction group have, in fact, a fraction of the object of the real estate transaction - that is, fractions of an entity that it is the property of the good. As in a partnership, costs and expenses are divided among the partners according to their use, and may also stipulate a monthly amount so that all fixed costs are covered.

Time sharing

The difference between the fraction (or fractional ownership) systems in relation to time sharing is in the real and contractual rights of each modality. Also known by the term multiproperty, in time sharing, the buyers are owners of “ units of time ”and are entitled to use the property for a specified amount of time provided for in the contract.

You must be wondering about the benefits of sharing a property with more people, correct? So we’ll show you some of the benefits of investing in a fractional property system.

Cost savings

Have you ever stopped to think that most people who own vacation homes end up using it very infrequently? The fact is that these properties are empty for most of the year, while their maintenance costs remain the same, even though there is no one on the property.

In the case of the property fraction, we can say that the division of the costs with more owners is one of the factors that makes this system quite feasible.

Possibility to spend holidays in luxury places

In general, fractional properties are connected with large worldwide networks of property sharing. Therefore, it is possible to spend holidays in luxury locations and even in other countries when participating in a fractional property system.

Bookkeeping of the property

In the fraction modality of a property fraction system, the property in question is registered, that is, it has all the possibilities and guarantees that a common property provides to its owner, such as:

- Fiduciary alienation;
- Rent ;
- Resale;
- Transmission to heirs, among other characteristics.

It is important to remember that the bookkeeping of the property must include the exact fraction acquired.

Real estate value maintained over time

With the exception of the time sharing model, in which the property can lose its value over the years and use, in the fraction system - as it is a development real estate - the property not only maintains its value, but can also be valued according to its location.

This depends exclusively on the evaluation criteria and the client's objective. While the fraction system, in addition to being simpler, offers a series of advantages for those who want to invest in the real estate market without being able to count on many financial resources, the time sharing model can be more beneficial for those who want to focus their investments in the tourism and hotels or simply want to have a rental for leisure at reduced costs.

However, it should be noted that there is a great divergence in the nature of the systems, since one is directly linked to the real and mandatory law, and the other is limited to contract law.

Certainly, talking about fraction of real estate generates confusion in the minds of many people. Although in the previous topics we have already given the main information on the subject, it is good to get rid of some doubts that can confuse you when investing. For this reason, let's explore a few of the main myths regarding fractional properties. Read on and learn.

Well, that's not how it works. Whoever invests in a fraction of the property uses this alternative in sporadic situations such as a vacation home or even for rentals, just to mention one of the most recurring examples. For this reason, you will not live on the premises with other people who have nothing to do with your life. It is not a republic or anything like that, but a good investment that you can make to have access to quality property without paying so much.

The customer must send the photo of the voucher by email, along with the following data: full name, rg, cpf, date of birth, telephone, full address with zip code and date of travel forecast for After receiving the confirmation email from our company, we have 72 hours to contact you.

When purchasing your fraction, you will be entitled to 2 weeks of accommodation at the hotel, to enjoy the resort and enjoy the services.

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