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Vacancy Exchange

Change your multi-property week and travel to amazing resorts in over 100 countries!

One of the main advantages of purchasing your vacation property with VCI is that you can decide exchange your stay and discover another destination. The name of this is exchange. You give up your days and this is converted into a few points, which you use to choose your trip by RCI.

But what is RCI?

RCI is the company that takes care of this exchange. All people who have the same desire as you and have properties in other places, also place the property on the platform to effect this exchange. So whenever you want, instead of going to your property, you can choose to travel the world, for more from 100 countries. There are more than 4,600 projects in more than 100 countries registered to choose from!

The best part is that your property does not need to be ready to start using.

Traveling with the people we love is too good! But do you know what the main benefits are?

According to a study by psychopedagogue Maria Helena Bartholo and pediatrician Daniel Becker, 90% of people believe that traveling with family is investing, first of all, in well-being. And yet, 93% of travelers think travel can bring families closer together.

Do you want a better return on this investment than being happy with the one you love? 

Check out some of the biggest registered benefits that traveling, as a couple or family, does for you:

Relieves stress and heart problems

No one can live at full intensity all the time and is still not healthy. A survey by The Framingham found that men without vacations were 32% more likely to have a heart attack. And the converse was also proven, women who took at least two vacations a year were eight times less prone to heart disease.

Increases connections

You can share your daily life with the people you love, but the real connections happen with quality time, when you enjoy together. Travel is among the 3 main factors that provide a greater connection between those involved. Everyone needs this from time to time.

Generates evolution together

Every trip generates new learning, as it is a new environment. It is contact with other people, new gastronomic experiences, music, culture. And it expands your mind to a world that is much bigger than we think. Couples and family traveling together cause this evolution in all its members.

Check out some of the main destinations that people choose when packing:


The hippest city in the Caribbean with open doors. This place is synonymous with beach and fun. They are paradisiacal places, with exuberant gastronomy and a pleasant festive atmosphere. It is an environment to rest and have fun at the same time.

Las Vegas

What happens in Las Vegas stays in memory forever. This is another option to get chills out of your gift voucher and anyone who thinks it is an exclusive place for singles is wrong. The entertainment city is more frequented by families than young singles, as hotels are impressive environments with many attractions. There are the most incredible shows from magic to music, the restaurants of the world's renowned chefs, the monstrous pools, shops of all kinds, casinos ... It's a world apart for your whole family.


A magical place that everyone has heard of and once dreamed of visiting, it is now just a few steps away from you. All the enchantment of Disneyland and the impressive theme parks. It is an unmissable experience for all children and adults.


One of the most glamorous, fun and lively beaches in the world. Miami is one of the places that our customers visit the most, so they release the 15% to travel. With restaurants, cafes, ballads famous all over the world it is one of the points of celebrities and could be your next trip.

Punta Cana

It is among the most paradisiacal places in the Caribbean, with stunning beaches, in a light blue tone, almost transparent. It is a place to rest, have fun and spend unforgettable moments. One of the main tourist attractions of recent years is at the top of our customers' travel list, so they can travel.


Europe appearing on our list in high style. Ibiza is recognized as one of the most celebrated beaches in the world, with artists, iconic places and that atmosphere of endless festivity. If you need to have fun, this is one of the places most chosen by our customers.

Related Questions

RCI is a partnership established so that customers have more accommodation options when purchasing a quota from the Hard Rock Hotel Fortaleza or Ilha do Sol, so you use your weeks as a base exchange with the exchanger.

When you receive your RCI ID, you must create your Login and Password. Any questions or additional information, RCI provides a telephone number 0800 891 7668 and a vacation consultant to make the reservation.

No, the weeks are distributed in high season and low season.

Sure! If the client does not want to use his weeks in his enterprise, he can deposit his weeks with RCI and use them anywhere in the world through our partnership with RCI.

After paying 15% of the contract value, you should send an e-mail requesting the RCI ID to our Call Center at

Yes, it will depend on the availability of the hotel, but you must deposit the weeks.

The client will be able to use his weeks as an exchange basis with the exchange. and the values for this refer to R $ 729.00 for national exchange and R $ 1,269.00 for international, however, this exchange is used only after the project is ready, so that you can exchange your weeks with your own RCI.

RCI offers more than 4,500 hotels worldwide.

When the project is still ready, for exclusive use in Las Vegas, Orlando or Cancun with an activation fee that is charged by the RCI interchanger of $ 449 USD and for use on any RCI affiliated venture with an activation fee of $ 615 USD.

For 3 years, the customer does not pay for affiliation with RCI.

R $ 729.00 is charged for national exchange and R $ 1,269.00 for international exchange.

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