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Hard Rock Hotel

Itaú Personnalité celebrates World Rock Day

18/07/2022 14:19
Itaú Personnalité celebrates World Rock Day

Itaú Personnalité celebrates World Rock and Roll Day with an exhibition at the Investment Center in São Paulo.

Until July 22, part of the Hard Rock Hotel Residence Club collection – such as the clothes that Andreas Kisser, from Sepultura, wore at Rock in Rio and the guitar of the band Dire Straits, who participated in Live Aid, in 1985 – will be on display. at Centro de Investimentos, Itaú Personnalité's concept space located in Faria Lima.

To celebrate World Rock Day, until July 22, Itaú Personnalité is holding an exclusive exhibition of the Residence Club collection at the Hard Rock Hotel, at its Investment Center in Faria Lima, São Paulo. The public can check out pieces such as the guitar of the band Direits, one of the bands participating in Live Aid (a great show held in 1985 in England and the USA, almost simultaneously, in support of a movement to end hunger in Ethiopia), the microphone of vocalist Scott Stapp of Creed and the outfit Andreas Kisser of Sepultura wore to a Rock in Rio concert. This will be the first time that historic rock instruments and props will be on display to the public. The exhibition, called Month of Rock Itaú Personnalité, also includes instruments from Brazilian bands acclaimed by the public, such as Titãs and Capital Inicial.

“In addition to our constant search to anticipate with personalized financial solutions and the best of the physical world, we seek to promote unforgettable and exclusive experiences for our Itaú Personnalité customers. The Investment Center for this purpose, in addition to offering advice and other investments made without the need to determine specific moments and that generate identification with our audience, with the only interest and profile of different partners. with the Residence Club in honor of the Hard Rock Hotel in the realization of this pioneering exhibition is a tribute to the same style of music that changed the different style of music that changed through rock. We want to celebrate this connection and dialogue with these audiences, bringing fans a little closer to their idols. The admirers of Estreito do Sepultura or Direto, for example, could see the instruments played by the historical and symbolic moments”, the director of Itaú Personnalité Adriana dos Santos.

Source: AgitoSP

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