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Hard Rock Hotel

VCI opens the Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel concept store in Campos do Jordão

13/06/2022 13:00
VCI opens the Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel concept store in Campos do Jordão

VCI S.A., the developer responsible for the Hard Rock hotels in Brazil, opens its first sales space in Campos do Jordão on the 10th. Located in Vila Capivari, the new Concept Store takes the concept of the hotel chain to the city located in Serra da Mantiqueira, the main tourist destination in the interior of São Paulo.

“The public will be able to better understand the purpose of the brand, which is to provide unique and exclusive experiences through a vacation property with the most famous hotel flag in the world”, explains VCI Senior Vice President Commercial and Marketing, Ademar Brumatti Jr.

Sales Record

In the opposite direction of the crisis in the real estate sector, the company reached the highest volume of closed deals since the beginning of the operation. The Hard Rock Hotel operation recorded BRL 54 million in sales during the month of April, a record since the end of 2018, when sales began at the two hotels that are already under construction in the country – the Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel. – the Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Fortaleza, on the coast of Ceará, and the Residence Club at the Hard Rock Ilha do Sol, in the north of Paraná.

More than 12,000 families have already acquired a fraction of one of the two projects in the multi-ownership model, when the client acquires a part of the property, with the right to inheritable deed, and can enjoy the space for a certain period of the year.

In addition to these two hotels, VCI should build, over the next few years, units of the hotel chain in Jericoacoara (CE), Campos do Jordão (SP), Foz do Iguaçu (PR), Natal (RN) and Recife (PE) . All will be marketed in the multi-property format. Another Hard Rock Hotel will be built in the capital of São Paulo, but this one will be based on a conventional hotel model. The expected PSV is R$ 8 billion.

Source: Turismo Compartilhado

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